Hello, welcome! Ultraliança is a textile company located in northern Portugal. It was founded in 2008 through the passion and tradition that has always existed on the family.



The Ultraliança Lda is an textile company founded in 2008 is located in Guimarães on Ave. The Valley has a total area of 5000 m2 and a covered area of 3000 m2, is dedicated to the design and marketing of fabrics, being made for 2 valences, the preparation (warping and sizing) and weaving.

The weaving service has the ability to make fabrics in dyed yarns up to 8 colors and costumes, from 03/1 to 100/1, with various inserts and widths 150 cm to 360 cm ACT. In short-term we perspetivamos an increase in production.

The company has entered a new phase, focusing on the acquisition of new machinery and partnerships.



Weaving and web preparation services, capable of producing any range of premium products.




Social Responsability

Associated with all the process, the fabrics are designed to Reducing Environmental Impact.


Our facilities are prepared to work wirings of high densities, always promoting the quality and speed in our services.

This time with the participation of several employees and has a capacity to produce 200,000 meters / month.

The company has entered a new phase focusing on new investments in weaving. Today the company aims to bet on differentiating factors in their products and services, highlighting the great experience, quality and responsiveness for maximum customer satisfaction, while proposing add a great value to the Portuguese industry and the end consumer.


Ultraliança provides services to its weaving and web preparation customers through current, innovative machines capable of producing any premium product range with experienced industry collaborators.

Technical Services


Projects & innovations

Ultraliança since its foundation, has as its objective the fabric manufacture and Textile trade.
However given the changes and demands of the domestic and international market had to change its mission. The management of the company raising the acquired know-how, technical capacity and knowledge of the sector defined a new strategy.

Products Quality

The company's strategic objectives are to diversify its product offering, positioning itself in a medium-high and premium segment of products, being a reference in the area of weaving and the production of differentiated, complex fabrics with higher quality, strength, beauty and comfort , Unlimited possibility of color, thus being able to respond to the current requirements and needs of the market. Increase competitiveness and quality of fabrics, adopt new energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly technologies, introduce new production management tools and new organizational methods in the workplace and product promotion.

Strategic objectives

With this investment project, ULTRALIANÇA aims to achieve the following general objectives:

- Diversify production;
- Reinforce the range of machines, more innovative and versatile, capable of producing any kind of mid-range product;
- Reduce the heavy energy bill to increase competitiveness;
- Increase energy efficiency and contribute at the same time to significant improvements in working conditions;
- Add value to the final product and consequently to other client industries;
- Improve the organization, management and computerization of the Organization;

The company entered a new phase, betting on the acquisition of new machines and partnerships.

Drawing and Sample

In order to serve our clients, we make prints, simulating the appearance of the fabric, imitating shape reliefs and patterns. So we get our client to have a very approximate view on paper, of what will be the fabric. In order to differentiate ourselves from the generality of the fabric producers we are equipped with a warp capable of rapidly producing 20 to 30 meters of samples.


We have extensive experience and some tradition in textile services, we have made steady progress progressing against new technologies, cost minimization and energy resources, betting on specialized Human Resources always in order to incorporate improvements in the quality of our fabric and effectiveness in the production. Thus increasing our range of services and fabrics.

Products and Finishes

Our range of products is broad and always aims to meet the needs of our customers and the market .. within the various textile segments .. from clothing to technical fabrics. Fabric finishes are contracted by us, but accompanied by a Quality standards we have implemented.

Quality Control

As important as production itself is quality control in all processes.
In this way, we establish three types of control:
1. At the beginning of production
2. During production process (visual, quantitative and physical evaluation of the product)
3. After the production is finished (evaluation of the fabric before being sent to the client) always fulfilling the requirements or specifications of our client.


Our organization tries to give the maximum efficiency in the deliveries to the clients, in the shortest time. For this it counts on a fleet of two trucks and external contracted services for international loads.